How understanding personal origins can help leaders navigate change

This inquisitive book on change dynamics aims to provide compelling personal examples and ongoing guidance in exploring the concept of deeply held origins we all hold that are established primarily throughout the formative years of our lives. These origins emerge as deeply held emotions triggered during change experiences and can cause destructive barriers to effectual change. Developing the awareness and appropriate treatment for these origins can simplify and therefore empower the change process, potentially limiting destructive change resistant behavior.

Based on an in-depth study on change response within k-12 education, leadership is identified as the primary determinant in successful change. The book makes a case for combining effective leadership principles with the consideration of origins at play within leaders and its participants, in order to implement successful change. A framework of common stages participants experience throughout change is explored as well as a developed action plan to utilize in leading others through those stages. Using this framework can ultimately support a personal transformation through the change process for all involved. Based on the author’s personal and professional experiences through change along with a variety of change agent examples and applicable tools, this book can equip change leaders and participants with the necessary insight and plan to enact meaningful and sustainable change.

This book is intended for anyone experiencing or pursuing change and is designed to help:

  • Leader tasked with implementing change within their organization
  • Leader looking to transform their organization either through new implementations or through a culture transformation
  • Teams of any background or focus charged with implementing change
  • Teams of any background or focus looking to make a change or transformation
  • Individual faced with change and struggling through it
  • Individual looking to implement change or make transformation within their life


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